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SALT Festival of the Sea and Environment

Image  copy  Andy Aitchison

Image © Andy Aitchison

SALT Festival of the Sea and Environment invited the audience on a creative and inspiring journey through the landscape and culture of Folkestone's coastline from Friday 13 - Sunday 22 September 2019.

SALT Festival returned for it's fourth year, with a mix of joy and provocation, urgency and exhilaration, as we immersed ourselves in questions of landscape and culture.

Together we explored environmental concerns such as extinction and climate; public activism; slow fashion; and (re)wilding; devoured hearty local food; built boats; bellowed shanties; and so much more.

Co-curated by Creative FolkestoneFolkestone Fringe and Go to the Pine, SALT explores the way coastal environments shape who we are and asks what the future might hold for those living on the edge.

SALT Festival will return in 2021. Check back for more details and keep up to date by following us on Twitter @SALT_fest.

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