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Write by the Sea

Write by the Sea 1

Write by the Sea are hosting an exciting event during Folkestone Book Festival, inviting 36 authors for books signings at The Chambers, Cheriton Place, Folkestone, CT20 2BB on Thursday 21 November from 2-6pm. It's free to attend and everyone is welcome. 

The Write by the Sea Folkestone writing group was the brainchild of local blogger, Karen Marwood (Karen’s World) during the summer of 2018. Karen identified the need for a forum that combined the role of the traditional book club with a safe, friendly environment in which local writers, both established and aspiring, could share their work.

The inaugural meeting was convened in the Bella Vita restaurant at the bottom of The Old High Street on Thursday 25 October 2018 and the group has met regularly, usually fortnightly, ever since on the same day of the week, starting at 6.30pm. 

The meetings alternate between standard group gatherings which contain writing exercises and readings, local and national book news, notably events and competitions, and talks from Kent based authors. The latter, which have benefited from Karen’s extensive contacts on the county book scene, have proved particularly popular. At the time of writing, the two August meetings attracted a total of fifty attendees. 

Conscious that with the nights getting longer, there would be more customers wanting to eat at Bella Vita, it was imperative that a quieter and more private space be found. Since 11 April 2019, the meetings have been held at The Chambers Coffee Shop on the corner of Sandgate Road and Cheriton Place. The management has been very supportive, not least in making the coffee shop space available free of charge on Thursday evenings, and in promoting the meetings in a variety of ways. Their only stipulation is that members buy a drink at the downstairs bar during the evening.

The collaboration is scheduled to grow still further later in the year with two major events. Firstly, on the afternoon (2-6pm) of Thursday 21 November, the group will make its contribution to the 2019 Folkestone Book Festival by providing tables for around twenty authors in the downstairs area. They will be able to display, sell and discuss their books with existing and prospective readers. It is hoped that a publisher and agent will also be able to attend.  

And following confirmation from Jim Jam Arts, planning is underway to host a “door” at The Chambers Coffee Shop during the Folkestone Living Advent Calendar in December.    

Write by the Sea in Folkestone now has a website as well as a presence on several social media platforms. Other methods of attracting more people who might benefit from the work of the group are under consideration. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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