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Anette Bjorholm

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Built up using up to fifteen layers of clear casting resin, the paintings obtain a mirror-like surface. They are pure, intense, saturated colour. I hope they show a melancholic beauty and contemplative stillness.

The material is sculptural, in the resin, and in using a hard, metal surface. They are tactile. Also, the element of time is evident in the building up of a semi three dimensional surface. The overall effect is subtle, they don’t scream and shout, but shimmer.

These paintings are part of a series, completed this year, and made in response to an overwhelming use of colour, materials, maps etc in my previous years work. This work is now spread across corporate and private collectors, and is also in the University of the Arts Collection. My current work is a series of work called Ultima Thule, concentrating on the landscapes of Mars, and the remote Danish landscape where I am originally from.

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