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El Davo


El Davo's illustrative work provides social commentary on consumerism and its effect on the environment. The juxtaposition of thick, heavy lines with fine details in his work draws the viewer in to engage with the orchestrated chaos and explore the narrative of his piece. His paintings focus more on captivating the viewer through use of colour and evoking an array of emotions. He prefers to use a limited palette which enables him to generate an atmosphere in his artwork and frequently works in monochrome. 

Inspired by street art and vinyl designer toys, he enjoys painting various characters which, although seemingly fun and playful at first, tend to represent either the best or worst of human nature. 

His fascination with derelict, man-made environments has been evident through his art since university and he plays with the idea of Mother Nature reclaiming her land. He consistently revisits this theme, sometimes unintentionally, focusing on the beauty of decay and non-permanence of life.

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