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Florian Bailly

Handmade Bow Florian Bailly
This photo shows a close up of one of Florian Bailey's handmade bows. The image focusses in detail at one end of the bow, capturing the grain on the polished dark wood work.

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Florian Bailly is a maker of violin, viola and cello bow, originally from France, he first came to the UK to study at Newark School of Violin Making. He then was taught to make bows in the French tradition by Master Bow Maker Noel Burke in Ireland. Currently providing bow care and repairs in London for a few days a week, Florian also concentrates on making new bows in Folkestone.

Using innovative material so as to substitute scarce material and improve the quality of his work in terms of esthetic, playability and resistance to wear. Florian's model of bow is very personal and inspired from the best of both French and British tradition as well as the best contemporary bow makers.

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