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James Jackson

James Jackson   Bruce Lee
A pen and ink drawing on paper of Bruce Lee by artist James Jackson

Find James on Instagram @silkyrubble 

Having graduated in electronics, James made the bold move to depart engineering & pursue his artistic instincts & passion for graphic design, visual concepts, painting & sculpture. 

After some years of furniture & household object design, sales & eventually website design, he has simplified down to portrait painting using acrylics, oils & other mixed media. More recently, ink-pen rendition of people’s faces. In fact, he has arrived ‘home’ to his original natural flair.  

James has had many exhibitions around Folkestone Creative Quarter including ‘live’ drawing sessions during Open Quarter as well as local teaching of portraiture.

In his own words, “I paint, draw and construct from my unique perception. I'm mainly interested in light, form, what’s missing and often hidden or disguised”.

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