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New Queers on the Block

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Friday 1 & Saturday 2 November | Pay What You Decide

A weekender of experimental performances, conversations and video works by a line-up of local and international LGBTQ+ artists. 

On Friday 1 November at 7:30pm Ira Brand invites you to a series of duets about power relations, the ways we give in and take control. Ways To Submit is a powerful examination of what it means to play at dominance and submission, and who has the privilege to 'play'?

On Saturday 2 November at 7:30pm Last Yearz Interesting Negro's i ride in colour and soft focus, no longer anywhere prioritises the now over yesterday, pleasure over doing it right, the responsibilities of blackness and queerness, the feeling of being possessed by other people's fantasies - and the fear that our own would just be too rude.

Throughout the weekend, artists explore the nuances of queerness. Benjamin Sebastian's NB/GNC: Mourning Call dives into the erasure of non-binary identities and self-policing within LGBTQ+ communities. Subira Wahogo delivers poetry with rage and softness, queerness in its multitudes and blackness at its fullness! Istanbul Queers Art Collective takes on the Home Office's anti-immigrant bureaucracy and Samir Kennedy portrays council estate's queer zombies.

Rounding it all up, artist Nando Messias conducts a Long Table conversation on the topic Queer in Folkestone. LGBTQ+ folks, allies and everyone just craving something different, join us at the table to discuss the nuances of living in Folkestone as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

New Queers on the Block is a scheme supporting the development of LGBTQ+ artists and audiences developed by The Marlborough Theatre, Brighton in association with Creative Folkestone and ]performance space[.

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