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What's Coming Out The Box?: Bonhomme

What's Coming Out of The Box: Bonhomme

Bonhomme is a family show built with mud and powered by thoughts. Based in a community garden, this new immersive and participatory show seamlessly blends story-telling, object theatre, live music and philosophy for children.

Children are natural philosophers and start to question the world around them very early on. What’s Coming out of the Box firmly believes that children’s theatre should not shy away from big juicy topics. We enjoy asking big questions to small people.
What makes a good human?

This is the philosophical question we examine in Bonhomme using the Golem myth for loose inspiration.

Ages 5-8 Years


Mill Bay,
CT20 1BN

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Time and date


£6 Adult
£5 Children
£20 Family

To book in person, visit the Quarterhouse box office (see open time) or call 01303 760750

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