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As part of Autumn Reads, we hope that we can inspire as many people as possible to enjoy reading and writing and to discover the work of Derek Jarman. That includes young minds and to we have created a series of resource packs and videos to help you get started.

For our younger audiences, we have created a whole range of resources and a project for you to follow at home or in class. There are three short videos for you to follow the project with a printable project brief and additional information about Derek Jarman, Prospect Cottage, extracts from his book Modern Nature and images suggesting ideas to further develop the project.

Click here to download a family activity worksheet 

Click for more resources 


We hope that this can be a project to be inspired by, explore and develop with your students whenever you have space in your planning.

Please do share any work made as we would love to see what you create #AutumnReads



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