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SALT + EARTH: Festival of Landscape, Seascape & The Environment

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SALT + EARTH: Festival of Landscape, Seascape & The Environment will return from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 September 2022. In a new expanded format, we are delighted to be collaborating with Folkestone Fringe and Kent Downs AONB to present a weekend of artworks, walks, workshops, community gatherings and more.

This September we are inviting more people than ever before to enjoy a weekend of creativity that explores the environment around us, how we can engage with the climate emergency, and consider the communities that live in and around the Kent Downs AONB. 

Selected artists include Alison Neighbour, Anne Deeming, Craig Gell, Dr. Legumes, Fiorino & Ferreira, Judith Anketell, Manuel Vason, Origins Untold, Rubiane Maia, Sara Trillo, Aaron Kobb, and SITE.

The artists, creatives and collectives selected will explore everything from geography to geology, sounds to sculptures and so much more. In the coming weeks, we will reveal more information about the festival and how you can get involved. 

SALT Festival began in 2016. Based in Folkestone, the festival’s aim was to inspire and connect people to the coastal landscape and urgent issues of climate change. Previous editions of the festival have included activities and events such as communal sea swims, boat building, rewilding projects, live performances and much more. The expanded festival will now look beyond the coast to the wild and rural parts of Kent and northern France. SALT + EARTH is an ambitious festival that now aims to raise awareness of the climate emergency and UNESCO  cross-channel geopark bid. 


SALT Festival 2019

Watch a short film of SALT Festival 2019 to get an idea of what to expect from this year's festival. 


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Cross-Channel Geopark

What is a Geopark?

This year's festival is working in partnership with Kent Downs AONB in celebration of their bid to become a Geopark. But, what is a Geopark?

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Co-curated by Creative Folkestone, Folkestone Fringe and Kent Downs AONB, SALT + EARTH explores the way the natural environments around us shape who we are and asks what the future might hold for those living on the edge.

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