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PC residencies

Applications for the Prospect Cottage Residencies and the Research and Development Programme are now closed - we will annouce successful applicants in due course, late entries will not be considered. Successful candidates only will be notified by the end of November 2023.

We are not seeking to set in a time warp a precious object of historical significance for posterity only: but, crucially, to resuscitate and ensure the continued vibrational existence of a living battery: to clear space around it and feed the energy of a resource that was only ever intended to be that. This is a vision not of taking but of giving.

Just as Derek was self-determinedly dedicated to process above product, to collective work, to empowering voices that might feel alienated, my excitement about this vision for Prospect Cottage lives in its projected future as an open, inclusive and encouraging machine for the inspiration and functional working lives of those who might come and share in its special qualities, qualities that, as a young artist, I was lucky enough to benefit from alongside Derek and so many of our friends and fellow travellers.

Tilda Swinton
Launch of Prospect Cottage Appeal
January 2020

Prospect Cottage Residencies 2023/24

The second round of Prospect Cottage Residencies are now closed.

Research & Development Residencies

In addition to the Prospect Cottage Residencies listed above, we are also proud to offer the opportunity for special research and development opportunities at Prospect Cottage. 

These residencies are much shorter and are offered to a much wider range of individuals, groups and organisations. 


Previous Residencies

Read about the nine successful applicants from the first round of Prospect Cottage residencies.

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With special thanks to the Prospect Cottage Residency Advisory Board:

Tacita Dean
Ali Smith
James MacKay
Issac Julien
James Weddup
Ying Tan
Alastair Upton

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