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Public Programme

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Whatever path you take, or whichever plot you follow, moving around Folkestone takes you to many levels - high and low, hills and sea, busy or wide and open. In the same way, we hope that our public programme of talks and tours, guided walks, artist-led events, films, and student days offers something for everyone to enjoy.

The Folkestone Triennial artworks occupy often surprising locations around the town. Some of them you may not even notice until you look more closely. If you would like a guided tour - and some of these are designed with special interests in mind - please book early and warm up your wheels or your walking shoes. We are also offering guidance on how to Take Your Own Tour, so that you can bring a group of friends, colleagues or family to enjoy the exhibition. Or download an audio tour in which curator Lewis Biggs talks about art, urbanism, and Folkestone’s changing character and history in relation to the new artworks made for 2021.

We have an exciting series of talks which look at questions of health and faith, myth and community as well as the pressing issue of climate change and what we can each do about it. From September, you can join weekly expert speakers for a drink and conversation on topics. There is also a festival of films by and about Folkestone Triennial Artists, with two world premieres to enjoy.

Our artist-led events range from the spectacular to the philosophical, and we greet the autumn with special events for students.

We look forward to seeing you during the public programme and to making the most of this year’s exhibition and events together.

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