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Tune In Folkestone

Tune in Folkestone

To celebrate 20 years of Creative Folkestone, our artist in residence, Randolph Matthews, is asking what’s that noise?

From June to October, Randolph will be taking to the streets and landscapes of Folkestone to collect its sounds and tune into the town’s unique frequency that binds us as a community.

We need your help! Does your neighbourhood have a particular sound? What does your school sound like? Do you yearn for the sound of birdsong on Three Hills or wake to the screech of seagulls on East Cliff in the Summer? We are asking the people of Folkestone to contribute to a living library of Folkestone sound effects to help Randolph tune into the frequency and compose a specially commissioned soundscape for the town.

Look out for details of the world premiere of Tune In Folkestone at Quarterhouse on Thursday 13 October – all welcome! Randolph will also be splicing 20 jingles to broadcast in your favourite places around town, so listen out for the Folkestone Earworm – it might contain your sound!

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Send us your sound

We want your sounds of Folkestone. Click the link below to WhatsApp your special sound.

Send Your Sound

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Want to get involved? Grab your phone and send us an audio recording via WhatsApp. Message us your 20 to 30-second sound clip to 01303 763 400.

Don't have WhatsApp... email us your audio recording to or with a request to submit using an alternative method.

Remember to label your sound clip with a What 3 Words location to include your first name/tag, the location and one word of description. Randolph will then weave your contribution into his composition.

Walks & Workshops

Take part in free walks and workshops to capture the sound of Folkestone. 

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Over the Summer, we will be hosting free workshops and walks in the local environment to help capture the sounds of Folkestone.

Walks and workshops include:

And that's not all...

Local musician Nina Clark of Musical Walkabout will also be collecting sounds and exploring singing, songwriting and soundscapes with the inclusive music and wellbeing group YO Songsters. If you’d like to get involved in a Musical Walkabout, please visit or email

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