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Profound Sound

senyawa by anna spysz

Profound Sound offers a truly alternative music and performance festival for East Kent. The co-curated programme brings an experimental festival to Folkestone, combining music, sound and performance, with DIY-feel workshops and installations from some of the most diverse artists and practitioners in the world today.

Folkestone Fringe are beyond thrilled to announce that Profound Sound is back. In collaboration with Hot Salvation Records & Phantom Limb, the sixth instalment of Folkestone’s experimental sound & music festival continues to platform local and international experimental sonic talent, inspiring and creating opportunities within the town and provoking with the intent to bring about collective joy through immersion in music.

This year’s edition will feature bold and highly anticipated headline acts from national and international artists, alongside plans that include intimate, DIY-esque workshops & performances. Performance that engages and playfully interacts with our town and with those visiting & residing within it.

The weekend programme of headline shows will not only blow your mind because of their variety but because, collectively, they represent the soundtrack to what we should all be experiencing as sentient beings…living, listening and learning in 2022.

Folkestone Fringe are switching things up a bit this year by extending the opportunity to experience diverse forms of music & sound art - and the community togetherness that comes with it - from starting in April through to the months beyond. Additional activities & events will be announced soon, so keep your eyes & ears peeled.

Profound Sound 2022

Profound Sound: Frankie and Senyawa

Fri 22 Apr, 7pm

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Profound Sound: —__–___ (More Eaze & Seth Graham) + claire rousay

Sat 23 Apr, 7pm

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