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Welcome to Folkestone Book Festival

Think Future, Think Folkestone

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Folkestone Book Festival

This year’s Folkestone Book Festival will take place from 15 – 24 November and will be curated for the first time by Liam Browne and Sean Doran. The full programme will be announced in July 2019.

Folkestone Book Festival holds a special place amongst the UK book festivals’ scene. It helps us make sense of the world and reveal possibilities for better futures. Entitled The Shape of Things to Come - Think Future, Think Folkestone, it draws inspiration from the philosophy and spirit of HG Wells, who lived and wrote in Folkestone. Taking place in November, the festival is an annual invitation to gather, tell stories, exchange ideas and keep warm together.

The futures on all subjects will be the driving force of the new Festival vision. All subjects under the sun will be included. 

While this will not be an HG Wells festival, his philosophy and spirit, will inspire the Festival’s themes. Wells was a futurist who was interested in the everyday, a utopian as well as a realist and, seeing himself as a journalist more than literary lion, a pragmatist. He also lived in Folkestone and the Festival will draw further inspiration and relevance from the town.

Think Future, Think Folkestone.

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