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Maps, Plots and Guides

Jyll Bradley   Green Light

To help you find your way around The Plot we have created a handy map booklet that has all the information you need. These can be picked up at Quarterhouse, around the town or from one of our friendly hosts.

If you don't manage to get your hands on a real life booklet you can also download a copy to your computer or smart device. We also have a simple one page map that you could also print at home. 

What 3 Words

If you are new to Folkestone or perhaps visiting for the first time, it could be tricky to find your way around. For this year's Folkestone Triennial we are experimenting with how we help you find artworks. 

Each artwork has been located using a special 3 word code. By searching in the What3Words app you will be able to navigate to a pinpoint location. Easy! All you need to do is download an app to your smart device. 

Click here for more information about What3Words


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