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Folkestone Fringe Triennial


Since its inception in 2008, the Creative Folkestone Triennial has been accompanied by a Fringe programme.

The Folkestone Fringe team apply their knowledge, skills and experience, gathered through working in our communities over the last 12 years, to enable these programmes to form. At the core of this work is an awareness of the role that the arts plays in accessing and articulating both individual and societal meaning. And for 2021, Folkestone Fringe want to play their part in using the arts and creativity to reflect, heal and build for the future – through existing and new ways.

This year, the Folkestone Fringe Triennial 2021
programme cultivates across 3 platforms:


What's Happening Exactly?

A curated platform of 40 events, including the work of 6 selected, Folkestone-based artists, and powered by a new graduate artist/curator initiative – GLUE.



Fringe Open collates proposals from across the whole of Folkestone, by acting as the central showcase to promote any creative activity happening alongside Folkestone Triennial. No matter your age, background,
or experience, Fringe Open supports diverse voices to step onto public platforms.



The Associates platform, entitled ‘Chapters’, amplifies the activities of local arts organisations who have devised and developed their own programming during
Folkestone Triennial. Acting as a go-to hub, the platform provides a single channel of information for residents and visitors to enjoy the dynamic cultural activity taking shape across the town, all at once.

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