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Normal? Festival of the Brain

Normal Festival 2020 Image

Normal? Festival of the brain is back...

Normal? Festival of the Brain brings science and art together over four days to delve into and question the brain. Exhibitions, workshops, gigs, discussions, and performances spark debate and give a helping hand to all of us to share our stories and come together in the sharing of other peoples.

"A warm welcome to the 5th Normal? Festival of the Brain. The festival starts on Saturday 10 October and will run until March 2021 in a variety of ways. Whether you are joining us for the first time, or have been part of the festival every year – hello! This time we are exploring themes of the knowing versus growing brain, power and touch. Events and activities will take us all through to the Spring. Knowing versus growing isn’t about not learning, or that knowledge isn’t important, but how if we hold onto things we think we need to know, it can stop us connecting to each other, growing towards each other, and learning to know in a new way. Each month we will be working out how we respond to changing Covid restrictions. This means we anticipate sharing venues etc close to the actual events."

Co-curated by Living Words, Folkestone Fringe & Creative Folkestone- so far there have been 4 festivals, each held at Creative Folkestone Quarterhouse in May 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018.

For 2020, we will be exploring around the concept 'the growing versus the knowing' brain. This isn't about not learning, or that knowledge isn't important, but that sometimes we can hold on to thinking we 'need to know', and that can stop us from connecting to each other, growing towards each other, and learning to 'know' in a new way. As we move into a future where so many processes will be operated by machines, we might also explore our human qualities that perhaps can't be emulated. The hidden within our brains and our beings. Under this, we're going to be exploring 'touch' and 'power' in connection to the overall theme.

Normal? Festival of the Brain is co-curated by Living Words, Creative Folkestone & Folkestone Fringe. Living Words is an arts & literature charity organisation working with those with a dementia as well as those from isolated backgrounds.



Normal? Festival of the Brain 2020

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