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Sesame Street


During Lockdown in 2020, we animated the ground floor windows of Folkestone Quarterhouse with the work of artists and creatives from the town whilst the venue was closed to the public. We offered monthly ‘residencies’ in the windows starting in November 2020 until the end of May 2021.

Open Sesame Street formed part of Last Fridays alongside neighbouring galleries, shops and studios on Tontine Street and the Old High Street. It was a space for artists and community groups to showcase their work at a time when indoor public gatherings were subject to restrictions and the weather was turning a bit chilly for outdoor events.

We offered curatorial support through the Performing Arts & Learning team, full technical and installation support plus a commission of £750 to pay for artists’ fees and materials.

The Open Sesame: Street artists were:

o Helen Lee
o Oliver Parkin
o Sonia McDuff
o Alexander Probably
o Tell Me About Your Mother
o Paul Jerome
o a:dress

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