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Strangelove Time-based Media Festival

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Strangelove Festival’s live events programme is back with two exciting UK and world premiere performances in September and December.

In response to the Covid pandemic, we changed the festival format and moved the screening programme online. Our audience numbers jumped, and we have had over 80k visitors to the site. We have shown a variety of work and supported artist practice. We have divided the programme into four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and will continue with an online presence, each season reflecting current trends and presenting works of significance. We will also now include live events, focusing on performance, discussions and exhibitions. The essence of festivals is to provide a platform for artists and filmmakers. Festivals are for anyone interested to meet and gather, exchange ideas and form new connections. We will continue to have some special screenings, and we will be organising pop-up events throughout the year. Main events taking place in Folkestone.

In September, Strangelove Festival will host two evenings of live performances at Quarterhouse. On Friday 17 September, the German/Italian duo VestAndPage will perform a new work called 1 9 Monologue. Then on Saturday 18 September Terry Smith, Strangelove Festivals’s artistic director, will present two new performance works, Mirror, Mirror and Command Control Shift. In December, in collaboration with Creative Folkestone, we will be launching Winterland works on the big screen-on-the-park and other events in the Quarterhouse auditorium.

Next year, we will be launching an online education programme called History Lesson, programmed and designed by the artist and historian Chris Meigh-Andrews. It will be a free online resource for anyone interested in the history of the moving image.

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