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Strangelove Time-based Media Festival

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Strangelove Festival 2020 is back with an exciting new programme of time-based media.

As Lockdown came into force and social distancing became the norm, organisers made the decision to change the festival to allow it to continue in a new format.

Launching on Monday 1 June, Strangelove Festival will present a year-long programme of activity to be enjoyed online. Festival organisers will present a programme of screenings, discussions and more that echo the physical festival originally planned for March. The initial programme for Strangelove festival will take place during June and July focussing on Documentary, Animation, Video Art, Experimental Film and Cinema.

In addition, there are also 8 open-call opportunities, which are open for all to apply to.

  • HOME-ALONE: Home Alone is a callout for artists across the world, to propose ideas for a new strand of performance art, accessible exclusively through the computer screen. For more details and information on how to apply click here
  • GONE IN 60 SECONDS: Submissions must be 60 seconds (including title & credits); inviting artists working in moving image, including but not limited to: animation, documentary, performance, dance and expanded cinema. Strangelove is looking for works that address the open theme of festival, which covers; animation, music, dance & performance. For more details and information on how to apply click here
  • There are also an additional 6 open-calls to address themes of Isolation, Diversity, and Climate, target the six genres within our online programme, which are – animation, documentary, performance, video art, experimental film, and cinema. Each submission will be judged by a special panel of guests. For more details and information on how to apply click here

Strangelove Festival will be showing the successful submissions throughout the month of August, which acts as a special open-call month.

Across the rest of the year, Strangelove Festival will also be presenting works by many influential artists and filmmakers who were due to come to Folkestone in March, including the world-famous Quay Brothers, who will be showing a new live performance work of their film Ghosts and Whispers scheduled now for 2021. Jocelyn Pook who has written film scores for directors including Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese, will be delivering a talk about her work and will be showing an experimental video installation piece in collaboration with Dragan Aleksic.

Strangelove Festival partners Animate Projects, Violet Pictures and Videoclub will be curating a screening programme of contemporary animation, and British Animator Paul Bush will be showcasing his recent projects as mentioned above. The festival will also celebrate films by Derek Jarman, the British artist and filmmaker, plus much more.

For more information about the festival and opportunities visit

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