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Perform on The Plinth

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Creative Folkestone invites you to perform on The Plinth in Payers Park.

Join our 8-week programme of live music, dance, poetry, theatre, comedy and performance art in Payers Park as part of The Plinth.

We will work with performers and will provide access to a PA system and technical support at performance plinth in Payers Park from 11am- 3pm on weekends from Saturday 19 September.

We want you to book in slots to showcase your creativity. It might be the song you have been rehearsing in your room or the stand-up act you have been waiting to test on a live audience.

Alternatively, you could animate the performance plinth throughout the week with your own spontaneous performances with your friends and family!

Just remember to take a photo or video and tag #FolkestonePlinth 

If you want to make an advance booking between 11am-3pm on a Saturday or Sunday and get some technical support contact

Please note Creative Folkestone will be following all social distancing guidelines for events and gatherings and we ask you to respect social distancing with us.

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