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Cognitive Media

Folkestone, Kent, CT20 1JR

01303 253 693

Sometimes the closer you are to a subject, the harder it is to explain it to people. You know all the complications too well. Where do you start? And how do you get it all in?

At Cognitive, we take subjects that are complicated or hard to explain, find the stories within them and turn them into engaging animated films that can be easily understood by a mass audience.

Whatever the subject – whether institutional culture change, new products or services, or the way black holes work as in the Reith Lectures with Stephen Hawking – we find the story at the heart of a concept, product or strategy.

We make high quality animations for a global list of clients ranging from private companies to charities such as the Red Cross, to public bodies like the RSA and Bart’s Hospital.
Our close-knit team includes writers, illustrators and animators who bring a wealth of experience to the research, creation and delivery of beautiful and effective films.

We love the creative atmosphere here in Folkestone. The ever-inspiring sea is five minutes away, great fish and chips even closer, and we can be in the heart of London in just 53 minutes by high-speed train'


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