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Stellen Jewellery

Stellen Jewellery Flat Lay
A flat lay of Stellen Jewellery shows a mixture of abstract shapes at on top of a royal blue paper. To the top right, a cork circle, with Stellen Jewellery dangle earrings on top. The earrings are made up of material that are blue, orange, pink ,yellow, green and red. On the left hand side, two yellow strings of fabric create snake like curved lines, on top of more paper - olive green, dusty pink and a black and white line pattern. The bottom right of the images has two black strings of fabric, holding snake like curves, veering off to the right.
Kate Strickland of Stellen Creative
Looking off to the side, Stellen Jewellery founder Kate Strickland smiles at something off camera. In this photo she is black and white, but the background, showing her jewellery on display on racks, holds the colours of pink, yellow and blue.
Stellen Jewellery Earrings
A pair of dangle earrings hang from a paper chain. The earrings are made of layered triangles in yellow and blue. They hang against a back drop of hot pink and bold blue, with the same colours in paper chains.

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Stellen, Jewellery to make you smile.

Hate waste? Love design? So do we! Beautiful objects made using waste materials.

Inspired by a visit to Elvis & Kresse in 2016, I started making jewellery from T-shirt yarn and vintage beads. Motivated to use materials that would usually be seen as waste, whilst also making the kind of jewellery that I love - the situation was win-win!

In 2018 I started a collaboration with Wyatt and Jack to use off cuts from their recycled bouncy castle, inflatables & deckchair bag production. Creating colourful jewellery and taking them a step closer to zero waste.

All of the jewellery is designed to make you smile by being be easy to wear, playful and fun.


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