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Stellen Jewellery

Stellen Jewellery

Kate Strickland runs Stellen Jewellery from a studio in the Creative Quarter. She first started making jewellery in 2016, and before that worked for over a decade in community theatre, youth theatre and drama teaching. Inspired by a desire to contribute to the growing movement of designers committed to recycling and reusing waste materials but still working with creativity and drama, she knew she wanted to work with materials that were playful, bold and colourful.


She creates soft and chunky statement necklaces, kits and homewares from T-shirt yarn, a by-product of the fashion industry. T-shirt yarn is comprised of offcuts and pattern wastage, so is technically all of the parts that don’t actually make it into being a t-shirt.


She also reuses vintage and pre-loved toy beads as well as tiny little model railway figures. She is always looking to refine and improve the sustainability of the items she makes; “no-one is perfect, but every small step forward you can make starts to make a difference”.


Kate was over the moon to start a collaboration with Wyatt and Jack who upcycle deckchairs, bouncy castles and inflatables and make them into bags. When the pieces are too small for bag parts they send the offcuts to her and she makes smaller items of jewellery.

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