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Creative Coding Workshop 1.01 with Cherif Hashizume

Profound Sound 2020: Creative Coding Workshop 1.01 with Cherif Hashizume

Sorry, this event has sold out

***This workshop is now sold out***. To be added to the waiting list, please email your name and contact telephone number to

Are you an artist that wants to introduce sound into your practice?
Are you a musician that wants to start making electronic music?

Based on the success and feedback from previous year's workshop which utilised free open source coding environment developed by Miller Pucket. Audio coder and sound artist Cherif Hashizume (Bjork, Raymond Scott, Rebel Technology) is back to show the participants the very basics of Pd to help them kick start their journey into the world of creative coding for artists. This workshop is aimed at beginners with no previous coding or programming experience.

Pd is one of the most intuitive and widely used open source visual coding environment where instead of the programmer writing countless line of codes, they can connect boxes with wires to create a complex network of audiovisual DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and algorithms. It's applications has vast variety in the world of sound art, real time audiovisual generations and manipulations or even aid the development of VR since Unity engine now supports Pd as a native plugin.

Due to its powerful, flexible and unique nature, many people have difficulty getting their head start with the environment. This workshop will bridge that gap by showing participants the very basics of Pd. From the initial setup procedure, basic data flow and structure, difference between data and audio stream, how to set up external audio source and midi control, basic sound generator and effect design. All of the above is crucial for the programmer to understand in order to take advantage of its powerful toolkit the environment offer and branch into designing advanced programs and applications in the future.

Workshop 1 will be free as part of Profound Sound festival, so you can try it out and decide if it’s something you’d like to learn more about and sign up to the remaining three workshops. The workshops will take place in April, June and September and will cost £20 per workshop.

There are 10 places available and below is what you will need to bring with you. If you have any queries get in touch on

Requirement for participation:
Working laptop (WindowsOSXLynux)
HeadphoneEar Buds

Not compulsory but helpful
- Audio interface (for day 3)
- Midi keyboardcontroller (for day 2-4)

Day 1 – Profound Sound Introduction Workshop: Installation
Hello World, Trigger Bang Bang (event order execution) and Inlet/Outlet
The first day consists of installing Pd vanilla (original version developed and updated by Miller Pucket) on both Windows, OSX and Lynux systems. We then move on to the core concept of Pd. As we deal with real time audio, it is crucial for the participants to understand the way Pd executes various events within the environment. We start with learning the difference between “objects”, “messages”, “numbers”, “symbols” and “comments” as well as trying a first patch for “hello world”. The patch will show the participants how to print the sentence “hello world” into the Pd window. The next step will be for the participants to get into the way Pd handles events. The concept of “bang” is very unique to the coding environment and it is the most important aspect of the environment. We will use various objects to create different ways to change the order of events so that we can create different outcomes. We will also look into the way each object “inlets” and “outlets” which is also integral part of event ordering.

Download information pack for the rest of the workshops here.

Link: Creative Coding Workshop (Folkestone Fringe website)


This event is free, booking is essential due to limited capacity


Mill Bay,
CT20 1BN

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Free, booking essential

Sorry, this event has sold out

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