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Folkestone is an Art School:  Natural Chemigrams Workshop with Melanie kind

Folkestone is an Art School: Natural Chemigrams Workshop with Melanie King

This workshop is now fully booked. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please email:

In this FREE workshop, you will learn how to create a chemigram print on silver gelatin photographic paper. This process is a mixture between painting and photography. You do not need experience with analogue photography processes to join.

We will make a plant-based developer using mint, vitamin-c and soda crystals. We will then apply the developer as paint, using stencils, stickers, masking tape, paint brushes, sticks and other mark making materials. We will expose the print using daylight, and then stop the paper being sensitive to light using photographic fixer.

This is a messy process, so we recommend that you wear an apron, or clothes you do not mind getting dirty. We will provide nitrile vinyl gloves.

We will provide all materials, but if you wish you can bring things to use in addition from home:

*Stencils (Handmade or bought), tape and stickers to paint around and mask areas of the paper.
*Sticks, stamps, sponges, rags, plants, spray bottles and paint brushes for mark making.
*Viscous materials to make a “resist” such as syrup, jam, honey and wax.
*Natural dyes (for example, beetroot juice), for painting onto the photographic paper.

The workshop will take place in the garden of the Brewery Tap, whilst the exhibition ‘A Sustainable Photography Plot’ takes place featuring the work of Kim Conway, Melanie King, Emily Rose Parris.

This workshop is suitable for ages 11 years+


Brewery Tap
53 Tontine St,
CT20 1JR

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