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Isabel Thomas: Impossible Questions

Isabel Thomas: Impossible Questions

Award-winning writer Isabel Thomas has a secret to share: Science isn’t about knowing facts or wearing a lab coat. It’s about asking questions!

Why do we need eyebrows? Are feelings made of atoms? Could I swim in ice cream? What’s the world’s worst smell? Isabel has collected children's most curious conundrums in The Bedtime Book of Impossible Questions, a Guardian Children's Book of the Year.

Help Isabel explore the answers with interactive challenges and bring your own bamboozling brainteasers. An event for everyone who won’t take ‘I don’t know’ for an answer.

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KS2. 1 hour sessions

If you are a teacher or education provider and interested in this or future events please email taniamccormac or call 01303 760 740


Mill Bay,
CT20 1BN

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