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Island of Hungry Ghosts + short film Seahorse

Island of Hungry Ghosts + short film Seahorse

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Guest curated and introduced by Rachel Pronger, Writer, Curator and Co-Founder of feminist collective Invisible Women.

On remote Christmas Island, thousands of asylum seekers are detained in a high security detention centre. Locked away indefinitely, deep in the jungle, they wait for the Australian government to decide their fate with occasional therapy sessions offering the only link to the outside world.

The bleak and beautiful setting of ‘Island of the Hungry Ghosts’ provides an eerie backdrop to this limbo – beyond the facility’s walls, local islanders conduct bewitching rituals and a tide of crabs, the island’s original inhabitants, find their way to shore.

Director : Gabrielle Brady

Running Time : 94 minutes

(Cert 12A)

Trailer : Click Here

Hypnotic short ‘Seahorse’ centres on the testimony of Hanan, a young Iraqi woman who describes her experience of nearly drowning as she crossed the Mediterranean to seek asylum in Europe. In the background of both films lies the sea, its ever-churning tides lent new horror and awe when viewed through the eyes of people who have been forced to cross the ocean in search of safety.

Director : Nele Dehnenkamp

Running Time : 16 minutes



Mill Bay,
CT20 1BN

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Sorry, this event has sold out

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