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Melting Vinyl: Martha Wainwright + Roseanne Reid

Melting Vinyl: Martha Wainwright + Roseanne Reid

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A night not to miss from the captivating Canadian-American singer-songwriter and actress from Montreal, whose music bridges the gap between traditional folk and pop culture, Wainwright's music is heavily laced with acoustic instrumentation, delicate dynamic ranges and beautiful vocal harmonies, but with a twist of upbeat character and a humorous punk spirit.

Singing about her children and family is familiar to Wainwright; who is a child from a prestigious musical family. She has long carried this narrative featuring her famous father, Loudon, her mother, Kate McGarrigle, and her brother, Rufus.

Wainwright's tongue in cheek songs and genius lyricism create anthems that charm the listener with satire, heart-felt honesty, confidence, and conviction. Wainwright is a talented songstress who uses her writing capabilities to channel refreshing honesty, leaving her audiences feeling uplifted and free.

Her latest release Love Will Be Reborn came in August 2021 and Wainwright refers to it as her “middle coming-of-age” album. It’s the 45-year-old songwriter’s first record in five years, and the songs are heavy with acceptance and farewells, most notably to a decade-long marriage. It’s also Wainwright’s only album to make no overt mention of her illustrious parents or brother and the many conversations she’s had with them through her own work.

With support from Roseanne Reid

Following a couple of acclaimed EP releases, Trails - the debut album by the Scottish troubadour and eldest daughter of The Proclaimers, Craig Reid - announces the official arrival of a singular new voice in folk-roots music.

Reid's songs conjure more from less, they exude a quiet confidence and sparse authenticity that recalls some of the genre's leading lights such as Gillian Welch and Lucinda Williams, but with a tone that belongs to Roseanne and no one else. Reid's music draws strong influences from the roots of Americana but with a strong twist of Scottish spirit. Combining foot stomping energy with beautiful and soulful melancholy.

"I saw Roseanne Reid supporting The Young’uns early last year where her presentation was low key, probably an understatement, but her connection with the audience was immediate, her playing and singing were faultless."
- Folk Radio

"I am struggling to pin Roseanne to a genre and have settled on the fact she is a genre in herself. Whatever inspires her just pours out otherwise you could argue there is a mix of Folk, Americana, Blues, Soul, Jazz and a bit of a sixties sound to it."
- Building Our Own Nashville.

More about Martha: watch here.

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Mill Bay,
CT20 1BN

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Sorry, this event has sold out

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