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Open Quarter 2022: Connecting Creatives

Open Quarter 2022: Connecting Creatives

Come and meet 14 inspiring artists and creatives from the Creative Quarter and beyond.

Connecting Creatives is an informal evening of micro-presentations and your chance to meet creatives from across Folkestone. The evening is a bit like a Ted Talk and a networking event but way more fun.

The evening will start with a special performance from the ConfiCo dance company. ConfiCo is our resident dance company and creates powerful pieces of contemporary dance.

Here's the full line-up for the evening, and there's no need to book - just turn up!

Alison Neighbour: Art As Environment/Environment as Art

How does art help us find our place in the world? Alison will share completed works, work in progress, and some provocations about art and climate crisis and creating grassroots work about global interests.
Alison is an artist and scenographer working with theatre, found spaces, installations, and playful experiences. She is interested in how we can use creative thinking to explore our relationship to the natural world and see the possibilities it offers us.
Alison Neighbour on Instagram

Andre Braga-Verissimo (Local Foreigner): Island Folk - the complete (hi)story of the British Isles

Local Foreigner's new performance project 'Island Folk' mixes live art, table-top puppetry, toys, objects, folk singing and music to tell the complete (hi)story of the British Isles all the way from the beginning of time until right now.
Andre Braga-Verissimo (Local Foreigner) on Instagram


Inspired by their latest outdoor performance of ‘Take A Dip’, ConfiCo will use dance and projection to explore how the sea affects our movement quality and how, like water, life can change at any moment.

ConfiCo are Confidance’s professional training dance company, founded in 2019. ConfiCo are based at digital:glassworks, training weekly in dance technique, performance skills and developing their role as artists.
ConfiCo on Instagram l Confidance on Facebook

James Collie, Folkestone Documentary Festival

A sneak peek at this year's Folkestone Documentary Festival
Folkestone's very own documentary festival is returning for its second year, from October 21-23, and Festival Director James Collie will announce some exclusive highlights from the programme, as well as talk about the community-based ethos of the festival's programming strategy, which seeks to help the town's film viewers to understand themselves and each other better through the documentary genre.
Folkestone Documentary Festival on twitter l Folkestone Documentary Festival on Instagram I Folkestone Documentary Festival on Facebook

Janet Robinson, The Robing Room: Learning in the Robing Room Studio

During the last few years, the Studio has evolved and is now an approved Training Centre for skills in Fashion & Textiles creation and construction. Janet Robinson will talk about the Studio's journey and the services it offers to the local community.
The Robing Room on Instagram

Kate Knight: Enchanting the Disenchanted

From the cheese rolling hills of Gloucester to the necromancy of Lilac Wine, as humans we seek out a materiality that inspires to transcend us beyond our own materiality. In Kate’s practice, a strong focus is placed upon catharsis and wishing, and perfuming the spirit of the work is a magical aesthetic.
Kate Knight on Instagram

Pavement Pounders: Listen to Kent

For eight years, Pavement Pounders have been listening to Kent with their spoken memory projects. They now have quite a collection! Their latest project "Voicing our Past" is about bringing these so generously shared memories to life.
Pavement Pounders on Facebook

Rob Birch: Senorial Likeness

"Could one put it like this? – That you are trying to make an image of appearance that is conditioned as little as possible by the accepted standards of what appearance is." –David Sylvester to Francis Bacon.
Rob Birch on Instagram

Sarah Carpenter: Fourth Wall Folkestone and You

An introduction to Fourth Wall Folkestone: an open studio, informal gallery and research space on the Old High Street run by artist researcher Sarah Carpenter. Sarah will explore the aims of the local community needs and opportunities for connecting and collaborating.
Fourth Wall Folkestone on Instagram

Sarah Mikutel: How To Stop Caring What Other People Think

Wellbeing is not a new idea — the ancient Stoics were practicing therapeia 2,300 years ago. Life coach Sarah Mikutel blends this ancient wisdom with modern science to help her clients live with more calm, confidence, and ease. In this brief talk, she’ll share how to take things less personally and get more comfortable putting yourself out there.
Sarah Mikutel on Instagram

Shane Record: The Community Impact of Painting

Shane Record will talk about his work, and the way in which he is able to use his painting to connect with and influence the local community (and beyond).
Shane Record on twitter

Simon Davenport & Shahed Saleem: About S3

Hear from Simon and Shahed about S3, an interdisciplinary design and fabrication studio based in Folkestone. Set up in the summer of 2022, Studio S3 is a collaboration between Simon Davenport, Shaheed Shaleem and product design studio, Tiipoi. An interdisciplinary studio, S3 is a space for making with a specialisation in design, product development, and fabrication.

Simon Davenport is an artist and builder based in Folkestone. At the centre of his practice lies a fascination with the enormity of human existence. His work derives its aesthetic from a wide range of influences including film, music, literature, and philosophy. Shahed Saleem is a London-based architect and writer. He teaches architecture at the University of Westminster and his work explores the architecture of migrant and diaspora communities. Spandana Gopal is the founder of product design studio Tiipoi, based between Bangalore and London.
S3 on Instagram

Simon Richmond, The Folkestone Foghorn: Introducing The Folkestone Foghorn

The Folkestone Foghorn is launching on 21 July 2022. Published three times a year, this free print magazine of ‘Modern-day Seaside Stories’ will cover everything from profiles of the many amazing folks in the local creative arts scene to the latest in food, drink and shopping.
The Folkestone Foghorn on Instagram l The Folkestone Foghorn on Facebook

Tim Smithen, Prison Style Tattoo: Hand Poke Tattooing

The craft of getting ink into skin without electricity.
Prison Style Tattoo on Instagram


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