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SALT + EARTH Festival:  Queer Ecology

SALT + EARTH Festival: Queer Ecology

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Join SALT + EARTH Festival and immerse yourself in an honest and thought-provoking conversation that explores Queer Ecology through the lens of artists SITE (Ash McNaughton, Helen Davison and selina bonnelli) and Josie Carter and Ray Carter.

How could queer perspectives, priorities, desires, lifeways and technologies shape our understandings of the ‘rural’ and ‘natural’ world?’ These are questions and ideas that will be delved into from the perspective of the variety of artists, with the talk being chaired by Joseph Morgan Schofield of ]performance space[

The talk will involve an exploration of the ways in which each artist finds expression of queer ecologies within their art and practice, as well as the connections that exist between personal experiences of the landscape and embodiments of gender, desire, and sexuality.

Artist Josie Carter comments: ‘Queer Ecology asks us to reconsider, reorder and dismantle the hierarchies that have resulted in a present where anthropogenic climate change threatens life on earth as we know it. Can we make change meaningfully? Is it sufficient to make our ecology queer?’

The conversation will unfold.

If you can't join us in person, join via this YouTube livestream on the day.

Photo Credit: Ning-Shan Chen for SITE


Mill Bay,
CT20 1BN

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Sorry, this event has sold out

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