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Take Up Space 2024: Riots Not Diets with Ela Law

Ela Law: Riots Not Diets

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An interactive workshop introducing Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size. We will look at how the diet industry has roots in the patriarchy and isn’t our friend, whilst providing some strategies to tune back into ourselves and use intuitive eating to heal our relationship with food and our body.

Ela Law is a nutritionist and intuitive eating counsellor. Her work focuses on supporting people to heal their relationship with food and learn to accept and respect their here-and-now bodies. Intuitive eating and body acceptance are instruments to re-establish trust between us and our bodies, and to help us move away from diet thinking towards food and body freedom.

In her work, Ela explores food choices, eating patterns and body image from a holistic perspective - taking into account the psychological, emotional and physical aspects of eating and movement. This way, we learn to shift attention and focus from external messages and rules to internal signals and cues, making it a sustainable way of making peace with food and our body. Originally from Germany, Ela now lives in Sevenoaks with her husband, two kids and dog.

Fourth Wall Folkestone is a creative space focused on all things art and mental health.
It is open to all as a non-traditional gallery, open studio, and research space which invites the local community to reimagine the role of an artist and art in society by holding accessible events and workshops.

Founding director Sarah Lloyd (Carpenter), is an artist, researcher and designer with a specialism in public engagement. Her work focuses mainly on the subject of mental health. She has lived experience with Eating Disorders, practises Intuitive Eating and is a firm believer in Health at Every Size. Through Fourth Wall Folkestone, Sarah seeks to reimagine the art world as a more inclusive and accessible place, where an artist’s role is to inspire and facilitate creative thinking.

This Event Will be held at Fourth Wall Gallery:
10-12 The Old High Street
CT20 1RL

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Sorry, this event has sold out

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