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Mermaid stays in Folkestone for good!

IMG_1489Cornelia Parker’s Folkestone Mermaid, has now also been confirmed as a permanent work for Folkestone. Originally commissioned for the 2011 Triennial, Parker created a Folkestone version of one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, Copenhagen’s ‘Little Mermaid’. Women in Folkestone were invited to put themselves forward for the role of model for the mermaid casting. Through a process of open submission, Parker chose Georgina Baker, mother of two and Folkestone born and bred. Unlike the idealised Copenhagen version, this is a life-size, life-cast sculpture, celebrating the local and the everyday. A more confident and knowing lady of the sea than Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale one!

The Creative Foundation is delighted to announce that this work has now been purchased for permanent display as part of Folkestone Artworks, with donations from the Art Fund and the Roger De Haan Charitable Trust.

Director of the Art Fund Stephen Deuchar said: “The Folkestone Mermaid is a beautiful work of sculpture, rooted in the life and spirit of Folkestone.  The Art Fund was delighted to assist with its purchase.”

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