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15th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice  27 May 2016

Folkestone Creative Quarter Artist Terry Smith curates VA16: ACCESS ALL AREAS at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition.

Venice Agendas has been participating at the Art Biennale since 1999; this is the first occasion in which Agendas has held a symposium at the Architectural Biennale. Venice Agendas intend to bring the same ethos to this event, connecting experts and interested parties to discuss the relationship between architecture and the world. The theme of VA16 ACCESS ALL AREAS will focus on different aspects of physical and social inclusion in design and city planning.

The symposium will explore physical and social inclusion in urban planning, specifically on the issue of accessibility in Venice. The objective is to raise awareness of accessibility, as well as to stimulate creative concrete proposals for architectural inclusion in Venice, but above all to discuss the importance of how new constructions and urban-plans should take into account a fundamental human right: the possibility to access to all areas.

APERITIVO-TALKS: PALAZZO FRANCHETTI, Sala Portico  Venice, 27 May 7pm  

Two UK based artists, Nicky Hirst and Tony Heaton OBE have been commissioned to make a series of works in collaboration with University Iuav of Venice and Comitato Accessibilità per Venezia will present a number of intervention/observations in the city of Venice, and later London, to draw attention to mobility, accessibility and inclusion in the ways that people can navigate, explore and enjoy the city regardless of any impairment.

For more information on panelists, artists and the full programme click here

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