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Folkestone Food Assembly

A small team of local residents have been working to bring Folkestone its very own Food Assembly!

The Food Assembly is an online platform where you can order local, ethical, organic or spray free produce, then collect in person at a weekly market. This initiative offers the best quality produce to everyone in the local community, providing an easy way to balance ethical shopping and affordability.

By supporting local farming communities, food travels an average distance of just 28 miles, with food producers keeping over 80% of sales for every product sold, compared to just 15% - 25% through supermarkets. Community is at the heart of The Food Assembly – it connects neighbours to farmers, neighbours to each other, and everyone to their food.

Folkestone Food Assembly supports food initiative Dr Legumes (vegan food) and local producers Docker (bakers), Troogranola, Marsh Produce Ltd (meat), Landews Meadow Farm (permaculture eggs, honey, meat), Walmestone Growers (herbs, salad, vegetables) and Nethergong Nurseries (vegetables) to name a few.

Food orders can be made online and collected from producers at Folkestone Quarterhouse every Tuesday between 5pm-7pm.

For more information and to order locally produce food and drink click here.

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