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Alan Smith - Crossing the Water

Alan Smith - Crossing the Water

Studio 1, floor 1, 43a The Old High Street

Open Studio: Sat 2 & Sun 3 Sep, 11am - 5pm / Sat 9 & Sun 10 Sep, 11am - 5pm

Studio Surgery: Tue 5 Sep, 7pm

Over the years I have made paintings where water, particularly the sea, has crept in but usually as part of a differing idea. Paintings describing imaginary charts for Icarus, to carry him across the sea, compiled of pre-renaissance techniques, sat-nav references and 1950s pulp fiction elements. The lyric of the sea, the ferry across the Styx, the sheer scale of water and movement. Tiny drawings of boats on an ink-black sea. Mediterranean blues. And the Folkestone edge of water at night.

I will link these works and ideas in a show, taking a sideways look at curating my own work from a new angle. In essence it will be a vehicle for story telling and I will be there to tell the overlapping stories and answer questions.

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