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Blocking Passing - Terry Smith

A new video and audio work

Folkestone Museum, 1-2 Guildhall Street

1 Sep - 21 Oct, Mon - Sat 12 - 4pm

Terry Smith has been invited to make an installation/intervention in the gallery space of the Folkestone Museum, drawing upon his extensive and highly regarded history of making architectural interventions, which have included sculptural, drawing and preformative approaches. Continuing his interest in exploring repetition and serial imagery (think Cage, Nauman, Reich etc) and using found images and sounds he has sourced in Folkestone, he plans to develop a work which traces its own construction, but is as informed by the space he finds himself in, as by the original concept. The final work will be the result of a dichotomy between his wish to allow the work to develop by chance and his contrarian inability to relinquish control.

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