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WAKE - International Performance Art Festival

WAKE - International  Performance Art Festival

]performance s p a c e [

62 Tontine Street

8 - 10 Sep

WAKE Festival brings together the world's leading performance artists for three days of performance art. The format of the festival sees four artists (Kira O’Reilly, Carlos Martiel, Dominic Thorpe and Hancock & Kelly Live) making durational site-specific performance works sited in and around Folkestone across all three days of the festival. Expect remote sea defences, boat trips, 18th century churches and more.

Following this, there will be nightly performance events at the ]performance s p a c e [ hub presenting the work of three atrists each evening. The evening artists include: Fausto Gracia, Anja Ibsch, Frank Homeyer, Local Foreigner, Surya Tuchler, Rita Marhaug, Emilio Rojas, Esther Neff, Selina Bonelli and Lala Nomada.

In addition to this the ]performance s p a c e [ hub will be open daily with a curated selection of books and films from the Live Art Development Agency’s study room. On Sunday 10 September we will host a public brunch ‘Performance & Live Art at the edge(s)’. Departing from Folkestone Triennial’s theme double edge - ]performance s p a c e [, the Live Art Development Agency, Folkestone Fringe and their invited guests will imagine and discuss creative practice on or at the edge.

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