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Casement Arts Launch

25 Tontine Street

Thursday 11 January, 5pm

Next Thursday 11 January will see the transformation of one of Tontine Street’s windows into an exciting new gallery proposition - the Casement Project Space. Enclosed behind glass, Casement is constantly open to the public. A gallery that no one can enter but anyone can see.

This exciting new venture offers opportunities to artists and audiences to engage with an energetic schedule of new shows opening every 14 days. To accompany each show a multiple will be created in the form of limited editions, publications, artist’s proofs and more, which will be available in the online store.

Casement’s physical space of just 111 x 167 x 50 cm (0.93m³) offers artists and designers an intriguing site specific opportunity to explore the possibilities of a space restricted by size but not ambition. Forthcoming projects include group shows, performances, design and sound art by leading and emerging artists.

Casement’s founders Faye Golley (curator) and Terry Smith (visual artist) are pleased to announce the inaugural show Exhibit. Showcasing work by Folkestone-based multi-disciplinary artist Luke Jones, Exhibit explores the boundaries of the gallery, mapping and configuring the actual and conceptual space. Jones has created a limited edition multiple to accompany Exhibit.

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