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HOP Projects CT20: Alternative Atlas

73 Tontine Street, 16-17, 19-24 June, 11am-5pm

Supercrit: 16 June, 2-5pm / Opening Reception: 16 June, 6-8pm

Alternative Atlas is the final part of a trilogy of architectural performances, panel discussions, exhibitions and publications that explore the ideas of place in the unique context of Folkestone. Tracing the invisible trail of the Pent Stream from the ancient village of Foord to the Folkestone Harbour Arm, a group of architectural students at Unit J, Oxford Brookes University will present a series of provocative architectural propositions that explore the 'sense of place' and re-imagines Folkestone's cultural landscape post Brexit.

The supercrit on 16 June invites all local communities to come and comment on the ideas proposed by Unit J, followed by the opening reception.

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