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GOLKK Theatre: Peeking in the Portrait

This July GOLKK Theatre invite you to witness their debut tour of an ensemble movement piece from photography to theatre at Shane Record Paintings and Prints and Space 7 Gallery!

The camera flashes. We are exposed. The photo dies, yet the subjects live on... Beginning with curiosity, four strangers meet under the watchful gaze of a camera. With no limitations, where will they end up?

Inspired by the life and works of Lady Clementina Hawarden, Peeking in the Portrait fuses live photography with dynamic physical theatre, exploring the notion that the camera is never simply an object, but a playful and present character in our daily lives.

Peeking in the Portrait challenges audiences to become meaning-makers, rather than passive spectators. With playful and subtle ensemble encounters, you will be drawn into the present - into an experience which is not only live, but ALIVE.

"It gets under your skin and into your blood and there it fizzes beautifully." - Dr Roanna Mitchell

Free to attend, you can catch Peeking in the Portrait at:

Space 7 Gallery, 7 The Old High St, Folkestone CT20 1RJ  - Tuesday 3 July, 7pm

Shane Record Paintings and Prints, 19-21 The Old High St, Folkestone CT20 1RL - Wednesday 4 July, 6.30pm

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