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Alexander James Pollard: Paleo Fauvism

Casement Arts: Show Preview

25 Tontine Street
14 - 25 Sep
Opening: Fri 14 Sep, 6-8 pm

HOP Projects CT20

73 Tontine Street
22 Sep – 25 Oct
Opening reception: Sat 22 Sep, 6-9 pm

A face, a dinosaur, savannah animals, a fictional creature or hyperstitional objects such as the Piltdown Man skull, emerge through an alchemical and experimental process. The artist draws new associations between seemingly disparate references and forms, moving elegantly between figuration and abstraction.

Paleo Fauvism is a playful marriage of Fauvism and Paleo Art by Alexander James Pollard, rupturing established narratives associated with modern painting in a truly positive and imaginative manner.

The work presented at Casement Arts is a preview to his main solo exhibition at HOP Projects CT20.

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