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Future Ritual

]performance S p a c e [, 62 Tontine Street
Sat 3 Nov / Free

]ps[ are thrilled to host the final installment of Future Ritual, a touring performance art event that platforms emerging queer artists whose practice engages with histories of ritual and the occult. These performances draw on myth, magic and mysticism to unite, protest, process and dream.

Future Ritual is an artist-led initiative by Joseph Morgan Schofield and Thomas Yeomans, supported by Arts Council England and ]ps[, which recently hosted Joseph in residency.

The line up will also include Thomas John Bacon, Natalie Wearden, Selina Bonelli, Alex Billingham and Arianna Ferrari. Some artists will be working durationally, others will work for shorter periods. Please note that works may involve nudity and temporary body modification. You are free to come and go as you please throughout the event.

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