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South East Creatives: Alex Chinneck

July case study

South East Creatives encourages businesses in the creative, cultural and digital sectors to take advantage of a new £5.1 million grants and support programme.

Each month our case studies highlight a programme recipient. This month we are showcasing Alex Chinneck. 

About Alex Chinneck:
Alex Chinneck is an artist best known for making temporary public artworks on an architectural scale and theme.  Completed artworks to date include sliding the brick facade from a three-storey property in Margate; constructing a full-size melting house from 7,500 wax bricks; creating the illusion that a stone building on Covent Garden Piazza was hovering; and unzipping the walls and floor of an historic Milanese building. 

In 2017, Alex relocated his young family and practise, with the aim of supporting the growth of both, from London to the outskirts of Ashford.

How South East Creatives (SECCADS) has supported his business: 
The growth plan for the studio, which SEECADS has supported, involved the establishment of an employment structure enabling the appointment of longtime collaborator Sophie Jeffrey as Studio Manager. Sophie's appointment to this full-time role has liberated Alex to focus on the generation of new ideas and work. Outcomes include the creation of a new limited edition sculpture - a knotted postbox - for public exhibition and sale, broadening the studio’s portfolio to include smaller work. The work, in a new medium, was also supported by SECCADS and was installed in Margate while the town hosted the Turner Prize, generating significant PR value and international interest.

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