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Mariko Hori needs you

Mariko Hori news 26

For this year’s Creative Folkestone Triennial, artist Mariko Hori is looking for personal objects from Folkestone residents to become ‘memory objects’ inside her sculptures.

She is making three rock sculptures from Pulhamite (the fake stone used for the Zig Zag Path). Over time the Pulhamite will gradually wear away to reveal your objects, almost like a time capsule.

What we need

If you would like to donate an object to become part of an artwork, we are looking for:

  • Objects which are broken or useless but you can’t throw them away for some reason (like broken pottery you really loved).
  • Something you would like to pass on to the future (something in a jar or a message in a bottle).
  • Small treasures from children (like stones, small bits and bobs, toys).

Where to donate?

We are taking donations at three locations:
digital:glassworks, Mill Bay, CT20 1JG
The Bridge Cafe, 106B Cheriton Road, CT20 2QN
The Southcliff Hotel, 22-26 the Leas.




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