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Casa Anacaona: We need your creative help

Sol Calero Casa Anaconda FolkstoneTriennial StudioViolet Viola Eickmeier 03

Casa Anacaona was created by Sol Calero for Folkestone Triennial in collaboration with WOMAD festival in 2017. It is a collaboration with local creatives to make a social space for people to gather for formal or informal activities. The brightly painted furniture contributes to the sense of place within which visitors may have a cross-cultural experience, nudged to consider cultural differences and the stereotypes that loom large in our thinking.

Whilst Casa Anacaona is having repairs completed, we invite you to create new panels which will be fitted onto the inside of Casa Anacaona.

  • Paint a symbol or symbols which represents your culture. This could be flowers/animals/food/emblems/signs of your identity/colours associated with your identity. It can be abstract or realistic (no emojis please).
  • We have 10 panels of different shapes and sizes to paint on. (Panels are between A4 - A5 sizing)
  • The panels can be painted with any type of paint or you can use felt tip pens.


We would ask if all panels could be dropped back at Glassworks by Friday 30 April. Glassworks is open Mon-Fri between 9am - 5pm.

To get involved email:

Once you have completed your panel, take a picture and send to #creativefolkestone

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