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Bigger than my body: MORE talking, more doing!

Take Up Space: Bigger than my body: MORE talking, more doing!

Drop in creative session with a focus on the process of “doing”.

Using creativity as a facilitation tool to open up dialogue around body positivity and self-compassion.

Aiming to celebrate the capabilities of our bodies and appreciate the important connection between our mental and physical wellbeing.

Fostering alternative positive perspectives of our bodies / ourselves through collaboration.

Collage, create, collaborate and connect.

Sarah is an artist and designer with a background in dance choreography and theatre directing, with a Postgraduate Certificate in Design for Visual Communication from London College of Communication (part of University of the Arts London). Recent projects include a commission inspired by the British Museum and work exhibited at Saatchi Gallery. The work that she produces is mixed media.

“My inspiration comes from my experience of mental illness.I liken my process to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): deconstructing, reconstructing and recycling ideas.

My methodology reflects how I process information: re-imagining objects, exploring all possibilities and making something new. Breaking things down, seeing them from a different perspective and in different contexts, helps me relate to and understand them better. Play and experimentation aid my learning.

Twisting concepts and challenging perceptions of how we view the world, I deal with difficult emotions/ugly topics by attempting to unveil beauty. What constitutes beauty? Does my distortion make a subject more or less approachable/easier to digest and understand?

Exploring all possible “solutions” to a brief, adapting methods, processes and outputs according to the people I work with, location and other factors such as the elements of chance that may arise and inform the work, is what I enjoy most.”



Mill Bay,
CT20 1BN

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