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Circulation Revisited:  The Circulation of Capital

Circulation Revisited: The Circulation of Capital

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When, in the early 17th century, Folkestone’s famous son, William Harvey, discovered the circulation of blood, circulation as an idea was ‘in the air’, symptomatic of humanity becoming more responsible for its own affairs - rather than having life done to it. But is circulation caused by something (the heart pumping, for example) or does it occur autonomously? This is the question to be explored by our three speakers as concerns blood, capital and people.

9 September: The Circulation of Blood – Branko Furst

Branko Furst is a vascular anesthesiologist. A graduate of Ljubljana Medical School, Slovenia, his career includes residencies at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, the Middlesex Hospital in London, and Texas Technical University Medical School, El Paso. He is the author of “The Heart and Circulation – an Integrative Model” (Springer, 2013) and has lectured on various aspects of circulation both in the USA and internationally. He is currently Associate Professor of Anesthesiology at Albany Medical Center, NY.

16 September: The Circulation of Capital – Christopher Houghton Budd

Originally from Tonbridge, Kent, Christopher Houghton Budd is an economic and monetary historian now living in the Old High Street, Folkestone. He has been freelance all his life with experience including property development, housing, school management, organic farming and finance. He has written over 30 books, spanning a career both academic and entrepreneurial. His work ranges from teaching finance to young people to ‘hands on’ projects, such as Folkestone’s own regeneration.

23 September: The Circulation of People – Steve Smith

Steven Smith is an architect with over thirty-five years of professional experience working as an architect and urbanist on a diverse portfolio of projects across Europe, Asia, Australia, and USA. In 2010 Steve founded urban narrative after careers with consultants DEGW, and with Farrell and Partners in UK and Asia. Urban narrative is a design consultancy that works collaboratively with clients and a network of like-minded creative individuals on the reinvention of organisations, buildings and cities.

Steve has a particular fascination with the development of compelling cultural narratives that provide the catalyst for the creation of places and buildings that are attractive, meaningful and valued by users.


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Sorry, this event has sold out

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