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Emma Rees - Vulvanomics

Emma Rees - Vulvanomics

When you were growing up did you talk about froo froos, tuppences, or lady gardens or were vaginas and vulvas more commonly referred to? And what does it mean that when we say the C-word we’re conjuring up generations of shame and taboo?

Emma Rees is Professor of Literature and Gender Studies at the University of Chester and Director of the Institute of Gender Studies. In Vulvanomics, an informative, sometimes light-hearted talk based on her acclaimed book, Emma considers the often surprising origins of how we talk about vaginas, and why people have such a problem doing so in a candid way. If we confront the taboo, she argues, we can also confront the real-world abuses it currently masks.

Sunday 10 March, 7.30pm
Tickets £3

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