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Emma Rees - Who Broke Feminism?

Emma Rees - Who Broke Feminism?

Is feminism broken? And how might we mend it? The term itself has an image problem at a time when the idea is needed more than ever. This talk shatters some of the myths about feminism and answers the crucial question: ‘Why “feminism” and not “equality”?’

Professor Rees explores how women are systematically exploited and abused, from Kensington to Kigali, because they are women. She discusses ideas of ‘choice feminism’,
and ‘feminism lite’, and considers the feminist continuum, demonstrating how the ‘personal’ is, in fact, decidedly ‘political’.

This is an at times humorous talk with a serious message. It’s about the virtues of feminist anger; of acknowledging economic and cultural privilege; and of thinking globally, acting locally, and agitating politically.

Sunday 10 March, 3.30pm
Quarterhouse Auditorium
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