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SALT + EARTH Festival: Judith Anketell - A Square of Time: Prelude

SALT + EARTH Festival: Judith Anketell - A Square of Time: Prelude

An imagined space that simultaneously opens and pauses time; in this case becoming a seedbed and route to recognising the English Channel as an elemental entity in itself. These new ways of seeing can redefine our relationship with the natural world.

During her research for this project, Judith asked a selected group of artists from both sides of The Channel to put their minds to what might characterise a body of water as an elemental entity – they discussed, wrote notes, and made drawings to consider widths, depths, unknowable lengths, salinities, marine lives, bed rocks, deep water sounds, vibrations and fraying seabeds.

Out of these writings and blind contour drawings has come a re-envisioning of The Channel. The artists were also invited to write an homage or ritual to The Channel (to be known as the Channel Communique) to be performed and filmed from a boat in The Channel at a later date.

An installation of the notes, blind contour drawings and the sealed Channel Communique will be on view in the Urban Room for the festival weekend.

Judith Anketell is a visual artist whose practice uses the medium of drawing to explore and interrogate environmental issues. She uses scientific data as source material to draw attention to the status of the endangered natural world

Opening View: Friday 23 September, 8pm


Urban Room Folkestone
One, The Plaza,
Tram Road Carpark,
CT20 1QR,
United Kingdom

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